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DIY Swimming Pool Using... Hay Bales?

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What to Wear Hiking

Being a hot sweaty mess on the trail is no bueno. In my new blog post, I share my favorite hiking get-ups that help you stay dry and comfy no matter the conditions.

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SunVolt Water Resistant Dual USB Solar Charger for Phones & Tablets

Just add sun. This rain-proof and dust-proof solar charger is both portable and stylish (and charges up to two phones or tablets at once!). We love the SunVolt dual USB charger for its anti-skid, durable design and for all the great colors it comes in. Perfect for long flights, road trips, hiking, working poolside and much more.

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Off-Grid Gear - Multifuntional Survival Paracord Bracelet with Updated Waterproof Compass * Learn more by visiting the image link.

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The Badass Day Hiker's Gear List

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Guide to Hiking Boots and Shoes

A good pair of boots is the most important piece of gear for any hike. Make sure yours fit well and are appropriate for the conditions you'll face.

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Work it Out: Eight Exercises for Stronger, More Stable Hiking

The more time you spend hiking and backpacking, the better prepared you'll be but you can also do these 8 workouts and exercises for hiking to build muscles

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