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Hilary's photo shoot for her "Come Clean" music video. I remember this was one my favorite outfits of her's.

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@megparkinson716 saw a gif of this song and TOTALLY thought of you!! Enjoy the throwback sis :) Hilary Duff - Come Clean (Official Music Video)

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Who made Hillary Duff's purple sneakers, capri pants, hoodie, and black leather jacket?

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These Throwback Hilary Duff Vines Will Bring All of The Nostalgia

Pin for Later: 20 Things All Bargain Shoppers Understand Regretting Later That You Didn't Stock Up When You Had the Chance This is my favorite t-shirt, and now they're all gone!

Hilary looks so beachy here. Love. Watch Hilary Duff in Younger on TV Land. Catch up on season 1 at

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