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Silent Hill Homecoming & Silent Hill 2 - Carol Doyle & Ernest Baldwin - Manifestation that Not Physically but in a form of Memories -


Another sequel to a PlayStation game, albeit far less well-known than its Metal Gear and Final Fantasy competition. Just like the original Silent Hill, the sequel is a survival horror game about creating an unsettling atmosphere and deep storyline as opposed to the cheesy B-movie shocks of Resident Evil, and this installment is widely regarded to be the best in the series and sometimes the best old-school survival horror game ever.


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Played this series, loved it. You can't go wrong with the Silent Hill games.


As I sit upon the stairs to the large church, he approaches, knife dragging behind him. "Pyramid Head..." I whisper, quickly standing and drawing a deadly sharp dagger from my boot. I simply back away and enter the church, blocking the massive doors with a pew. I then walk around the large hole that enters the mine fire, where poor little Alessa lies and I sit, waiting.