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Carlos Henriquez, Mass. State Rep., released on bail, denies kidnapping and assault accusations

Swasey Recreation Area is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Redding, California. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Swasey Recreation Area bike trail in Redding.

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What CHOICE? Hillary Clinton wants to take away women’s rights to say NO to mandatory vaccines that damage their children

(NaturalNews) Hillary Clinton claims to be pro-choice and supportive of women, minorities and children. So why does she condone the use of government power to strip away women’s rights when i…


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Young Hillary Clinton wrote to NASA as a child asking what she needed to do to become an astronaut. NASA wrote back that there would never be a female astronaut.


Hillary Clinton, her mother and Chelsea. Does Hillary own a mirror? Her dress is so ugly. Looks like she is trying to be the main attraction. Her mother and Chelsea look lovely.


Meeting her match: At Yale Law School, Hillary Rodham meets Bill Clinton. She would write later that the attraction was immediate, and that they shared an intellectual bond that never broke: "Bill Clinton and I started a conversation in the spring of 1971," she wrote in the memoir, "and more than 30 years later, we're still talking."


AUDIO: Hillary Clinton Speaks of Defense of Child Rapist in Newly Unearthed Tapes...Listen how smug & happy she was to help this RAPIST of a 12 YEAR old CHILD get off on only 2 months in jail, because of a technicality she proudly came up with and KNOWING HE DID RAPE that CHILD!!! EVIL! That poor child and family!!!

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LOOK: Here's How The Clintons Reacted To A Big Win (Hint: It's Pretty Great)

1992 ELECTION - Hillary Clinton, right, embraces her husband, Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton, in Los Angeles Tuesday night after he secured enough delegates to capture the Democratic presidential nomination.


Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders argued that part of what holds the country back is it spends far too much money keeping people behind bars. Those dollars, he said in the first Democratic debate, could do much more good.


Loss Exposed Hillary Clinton for the Classless, Unaccountable Politician She Is -