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Why would CNN [or CNNi] refuse to air the Nick Robertson report with Muhammed Al Zawahiri (brother of Ayman Al Zawahiri) that clearly shows the Egyptian uprising was 100% in response to his call for protests for release of the Blind sheik on 9-11.? CNN never aired the Nick Robertson report in Egypt because it completely contradicted the Obama Administration, and Hillary Clinton State Department...

Savage Cautions…

from Rolling Stone

Campaign 2016: Hillary Clinton's Fake Populism Is a Hit

Campaign Hillary Clinton's Fake Populism Is a Hit Pundits say her idealist porridge is not too hot, not too cold, but just fake enough... RELATED: Hillary Clinton Is Turning Into Richard Nixon and Bill Belichick

Tim Kaine Yelling At His Mistress Is A Fake Story Using Audio From Mel Gibson

from The Huffington Post

Journalists Meet To Discuss Frustration With Clinton Campaign's Control Over Access And Information

Hillary Clinton Campaign Begins Drafting Policy Solutions To Heroin Epidemic. Pinned by the You Are Linked to Resources for Families of People with Substance Use Disorder cell phone / tablet app May Android iPhone -


Why did AG Lynch secretly meet with Bill Clinton?


Breaking: AG Lynch Covering For Clinton Implosion

from The Verge

Senator Rand Paul made a fake Hillary Clinton Pinterest account for funsies

Yesterday, when 2016 presidential hopeful Rand Paul could've been doing literally anything else, he decided to do something weird and embarrassing instead. Hillary Clinton's new...


VIDEO-MONTAGEM: Hillary Clinton Farts! (fake)


Hillary Clinton's real (rude) self - YouTube| Idiotic white liberal Hitlery supporting women deserve the title "Useful Idiots"