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Hillary Clinton announced Sunday she is running for president — but without her maiden name, Rodham, a name she had held onto for many years, including in 1992 when her husband, Bill, ran for president.

Hillary Clinton Kept Her Maiden Name For Some Time After Getting Married To Bill Clinton | Here Are 17 Hillary Clinton Facts You Didn't Know

Hillary Clinton Is Officially Running for President so We Examine the Importance of Her Campaign – From First Lady to First Woman to be U.S. President? Hillary Clinton Giving It a Shot! It’s RODHAM. Hillary Clinton’s middle name, her maiden name. Contrary to what most people may assume, CONTROVERSY is not Hillary Clinton’s middle name. It’s Rodham. On... #democrats #hillaryclinton #president

"The Fascinating History of When Hillary Clinton has Chosen to Use Her Maiden Name." It's Clinton -- just Hillary Clinton -- for Hillary 2016. But it's been a long time coming.

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In her starring role in Robin Thicke's newest single "Back Together," rapper Nicki Minaj name drops Hillary Clinton: "Used to call me Hillary cause I ride 'em," which is a play off of Hillary Clinton's maiden name, "Rodham."

Hillary Clinton is embroiled in a heated political battle that could see her make history as the first female U.S President. But that probably won't come as any surprise to her classmates at Maine South High School in suburban Park Ridge, Illinois. Mrs. Clinton, then known by her maiden name of Hillary Rodham, went to the newly built high school for her senior year in 1964 and 1965. And the school's 1965 senior yearbook is packed full of references to Hillary's achievements and talents. A…

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