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21 Wikipedia Pages That Will Make It Impossible For You To Sleep

The Hinterkaifeck Massacre of 1921 - This is easily one of the most distrurbing and just creepy mass murders in history! The very idea that someone was possibly living at the farm without the owners knowing for several days before killing them all creeps me the Hell out!

german-massacre-landscape-shot-The bodies were discovered the following Tuesday, after young Cäzilia failed to show up for school. While police suspected robbery, they soon abandoned the theory after finding money in the house. Numerous interrogations turned up nothing. Meanwhile, autopsies revealed young Cäzilia survived her initial attack. While lying next to her dead family in the barn, she had torn out tufts of hair before finally succumbing to her wounds. Creepier still? The killer…


“ -Hinterkaifeck Murders- The rural farmstead Hinterkaifeck was situated between the Bavarian towns of Ingolstadt and Schrobenhausen. This modest farm hidden in an alpine forest...