Hippie Nails

Boho Hair Wraps i use to do this to my hair all the time and they would stay in until they would eventually just fall out!!! LMAOO loved it!

Hippy nails

Tie Dye Nail Tutorial by knailart. Check out some more of her vids at www.youtube.com/...

Follow this diagram to imitate how professional manicurists apply nail polish. | Easy Nail Hacks

8 Ways to Nail Hippie Chic Decor at Home - paige morse home

Boho Hair Style

No Poo Method. Interesting.... I don't think I could do this all the time, but maybe every so often.

Daisy boho nails

boho braid Tutorial - 16 Hippy DIY Tutorials for All Boho-Chic Princesses | GleamItUp

Nail polish flowers, This leaves out the step where you need Tacky Glue, but still cool!

Eyelinner apply secrets, see on: mymakeupideas.com...

have more scarves than I probably should have but I wear them almost always in the same way. Such a waste of super stylish opportunities. Cant wait to try some of those! Love love love the bohemian hippie chick look! Thanks for sharing!

Cute summer nails!

hippy nails

Serenity - If there's one person who can handle any stressful situation it's you. You're always so chill and mellow and that makes you an asset to your group of friends. As long as you remember to make sure you don't take serious situations lightly, you'll get through life easily.

I'm not sure how this is done but it is gorgeous and one of the classier versions of all the nail art insanity that's happening right now.

Oregon loves too few. Oregon loves just you. Curse the rose, curse the rain. Now two bodies, cant start the same. How our sun has gone away, there arent days, theres just different gray. -Horse Feathers

Boho hair wrap

Perfect Beach Wave Boho Hair Tutorial - 16 Hippy DIY Tutorials for All Boho-Chic Princesses | GleamItUp

BLUEBERRY SWIRL: Nicole used a plastic bag to marble together two nail polishes in this mesmerizing marbled look. It's a bit smokey, a bit tie-dye. . . Perfect for your inner hippie. Find out more about this nail art on Nail Polish Wars and follow Nicole on Instagram Nicole Franklin.

mystical nail inspo

colorful hair ♥

Again if you have straight hair, this works for u. I love how the braids are different thicknesses.


The How To Mom: How To No 'Poo Only washing my hair twice a week sounds like a wonderful time saver to me. I'm going to start this today.

This might work better, although I really like the soft look, which doesn't hold in fast turns.

Beautiful Elven Hairstyle. I don't know if I would actually try this on myself. Mostly because I'm clumsy with hair.

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Instagram photo by eichi_matsunaga #nail #nails #nailart

Pearls and crystals (really small strands) braided into the hair like this... So hanging I'm thinking some lace ribbon or ivory to go in my wedding do braid =]

Just Try in your Nail: Watercolor/Marble Nail Art Using a Plastic Sandwich Bag

Volkswagen Nail Art...wonder if I could do this haha

How to Get Started With the No-Poo Hair Care Method - Red and Honey

Nails for Imani 25 Fun and Easy Nail Art Tutorials. Cute and easy rainbow nails idea


Blue,green and purple ombre w/ water marble

Hippie nail art. Peace sign. Flowers. Colorful.

The Nailasaurus | UK Nail Art Blog

Tie-dyed nails: perfect for summer!

**** Wear with caution as the suns rays are pointy and slightly sharp... If it is bothersome, they can be buffed with a nail file. Pewter is a soft

Sharpie Watercolour Nail Art | Mix sharpie with rubbing alcohol to create watercolor "paint" for your nails!

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High Heels and Training Wheels: The No Shampoo Method. Washing your hair without shampoo

Uncovet has all the pieces to perfectly compliment your messy, but nonetheless effortlessly chic hairstyles. We love the use of great jewels...

My hair is this long now, maybe I can make it look like this

Cool ways to wear a Bandana

The Stone Cold Fox Moroccan Holy Tube worn with a custom SCF skirt for this brides wedding day.