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70 Ways To Be A Hippie, for the crunchy-at-heart: great list for all aspects of healthy living! | Empowered Sustenance

  • Wibke Logan

    Lol - there is a proper definition for "hippie".... but aye, whatever floats people's boats....just don't spread lies please.

  • Robin Myers Reece

    Everybody has an opinion of what a hippie is. And that's all it is... An opinion!

  • Carma

    i agree. I reckon people like that just do all that bullshit stuff for the image. They want to be hippie so they try hard to do things that they think hippies do. When i read that list i couldnt take it seriously.

  • Wibke Logan

    This is ridiculous. Not hippie at all.....her carbon foodprint alone must be horrendously high. And quite some "facts" are just plain wrong. How can you honestly call yourself a hippie when you obviously have no regards for other living creature - eating liver?! For your own health benefits? How is that being a hippie?! Again: ridiculous.

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9 Effortless To Make DIY Boho Accessories | Pinkous

DIY Lava lamp! The basic idea is this: you mix 3 parts oil with one part water and ten or so drops of food coloring in a container with a tight fitting lid.

Vintage Boho Silver Rings | Hippie Bohemian Jewelry | .Fashion ring only $0.99 shop at | Turquoise Stones

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100 Totally Amazing Hipster Baby Names | The Stir

Hippie Braids (Though "Hippie Braids" means "Never using hair spray"... that just makes you a wanna-be)

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Mason Jar Luminary Beaded Candle....I am so going to make this. I've hoarded thousands of jars and beads over the winter!!

Deep Forest hippie feather headband by SANDRANJAfeathers on Etsy, kr1000.00

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Summer is coming! Here's some refreshing "adult beverage" Be sure to Follow me on facebook if you like recipes ☆ Follow me ---

Eye For Design: Decorating Gypsy Chic Style

The How To Mom: How To No 'Poo Only washing my hair twice a week sounds like a wonderful time saver to me. I'm going to start this today.

  • Priscilla Love

    Right,everyone hair is different..same as people love to talk about how organic coconut oil makes their hair look great,well it actually made mine look like a dry Don King Afro,had to rinse it out because it was too shiny and harder than a new kitchen brillo pad

  • Krisalyn Jackson

    It's weird, maybe it doesn't work on already long or damaged hair? I had my hair down to my waist, and it was really damaged from bleach, and this method DID NOT work on m at all...then I got it cut into a shaggy bob, and now my hair is taking it very well? Maybe it works only on already decent hair? Idk

  • Mekinzi Lewis

    The ph of baking soda is pretty basic, just like bleach, it's really drying... Just because it's natural doesn't make it good. Acv is great though for a clarifying rinse!

  • Priscilla Love

    blackstrap molasses works

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➳➳➳☮ American Hippie Bohemian Boho Feathers Gypsy Spirit Style - Crochet

Yoga pants! These with an off the shoulder 3/4 sleeve shirt, sandals, and a messy braid or bun... SO CUTE!!!

Des beaux tutos coiffures tressées pour des cheveux bohèmes, inspirés de Coachella ♥ Coachella Festival Hair Tutorials for perfect boho hair ♥

pants sun moon, stars leggings moon celestial tumblr night stars hippie hippie chic boho boho pants bohostyle lunar print

☯☮ॐ American Hippie Quotes ~ I'm Different ...

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I want this soooooo bad!! I neeeeed it right meow! ♥ Hippie Peace Sign Necklace by ChooseYourPeace on Etsy, $18.00 give me

Wanderer wood pendant pyrography pendant hippy gypsy wood jewelry by Barker Wild at (also on etsy). Copyright Karen Barker #BarkerWild

Make Like A Hippie And Blow This Joint Ashtray ~i got dis *~*~*~* :) :) ~!* {iluvejessica}

Tie Dye Hippie Bra by EatSleepRaveBras on Etsy, $50.00

The things you can do with

Adorable glasses, like even the color of the lenses are perfect... #hipster #ineedthem #sunnies

granny's gonna die soon, want one of her old drawings with this quote on my skin