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This needs to happen! I can hear Percy now saying he was on his way to sword fighting practice and he saw one of iris kids and her hair was purple but changing to pink and that children of iris had the power to do that just by thinking it :)


© “You shouldn’t make friends with crows,” he’d told her. “Why not?” she asked. He’d looked up from his desk to answer, but whatever he’d been about to say had vanished on his tongue. The sun was out for once, and Inej had turned her face to it. Her eyes were shut, her oil-black lashes fanned over her cheeks. The harbor wind had lifted her dark hair, and for a moment Kaz was a boy again, sure that there was magic in this world.


((Open RP, be him. DDLG and smut please)) I walk in with my cousin and sit next to her. I was visiting her in Seattle and she surprised me by taking me to her college! I was so excited. I sit down and sip on my venti peppermint mocha and he sat down next to me. He took out his notebook and started to doodle quietly. I was observing so I quickly wrote a note in my note book "-cute guy next to me, doodling" I take a quick glance over and see his sharp jawline and messy hair inside a messengers…

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Skyrim: a tale of a Dragonborn - Skyrim: a tale of a Dragonborn

Shiaiya: Minor character. the beauty that started it all. Her father had arranged her marriage to Blade, the son of King Lenor before she was born. In the years leading up to their nuptials, she fell in love with Stone, Blade's twin brother. Blade kills Stone in a Jealous rage, Shiaiya kills herself out of misery. Blade pleads with the gods to give his life for hers, She wakes and finds her husband and her lover dead while she is made a near immortal warrior re-incarnated every 1000 years.


Anyone else realizing Rapunzel was some who didn't know her parents, and had long blonde hair. And that Flynn was a stealing, parentless guy searching for joy in his life. *cough couch* Emma and Hook!


I got called a faggot the other day by some girl. and i was like, YOU CAN'T CALL A BISEXUAL PERSON THAT BECAUSE ITS REALLY OFFENSVIE, then her guy friend called me a stupid ass bitch cuz he thought i had fake gauges cuz im just starting out.


"For Aragorn had been singing a part of the Lay of Lúthien which tells of the meeting of Lúthien and Beren in the forest of Neldoreth. And behold! there Lúthien walked before his eyes in Rivendell, clad in a mantle of silver and blue, fair as the twilight in Elven-home; her dark hair strayed in a sudden wind, and her brows were bound with gems like stars."