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Lou Andreas-Salomé - Something about her drove men wild. We're talking about men who have since become icons. But what? What was it? What spell did she cast? And what did she see in the young Rilke? (.. other than youth)


Mary Church Terrell September 22, 1863 First Black person to Serve on the DC board of education, Mary Church Terrell was born, 1863 Mary Church Terrell, a writer, educator, and activist, co-founded the National Association of Colored Women and served as the organization’s first president. Known as “Mollie” to her family, Church who was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1863,

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Jeannie’s ‘his and hers’ garden sheds

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The right cover for “Lolita”

An alternate cover for Vladimir Nabokov's infamous novel "Lolita," which I didn't actually finish reading. I think this cover helps evoke much of the sinister sensuality of the work, which I did appreciate.


Lamballe's Sister-in-law, Louise Marie Adelaide de Bourbon, painted by Vigée-Lebrun 1789. The two were very close, shared an interest in Freemasonry. Partially due to these interests, the King did his best to influence Marie Antoinette away from Lamballe towards a friendship with Comtesse de Polignac. But by spring 1777, the salons of Lamballe were more neglected by Antoinette and her courtiers because of the rigours of her job as Superintendent of the Queen's Household.


The Empress Dowager Cixi (Tzu Hsi) 慈禧太后. This painting was painted by Hubert Vos in 1906, the Dutch American painter, whose painting was presented to Empress Cixi at her seventy-first birthday. It is now at the Summer Palace (Yiheyuan) in Beijing at at the Hall of Dispelling Clouds, (PaiyunDian).