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Hispanic Girls

The Makeup Problems Only Middle Eastern Girls Would Understand

Hispanic Girl Problems. Haha. This is true. I'm 27 and still haven't met some of them.

Hispanic girl problems...guilty!

Hispanic girl problems!! Haha this was me growing up!

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Hispanic Girl Problems Tumblr | mexican girl problems

Top 100 #Hispanic Baby Girl Names in 2012 #babynames #Latino

I get vankings (verbal spankings) for this all the time :( and i dont know if you get in trouble...but I think you have this problem too! :D

I have so many relatives like this. I just don't look related to most of them. I'm one of the few that has olive, yellowish skin. The rest are like bronze colored. So you can mainly see the Spanish or the Mexican Native American in them, but if you covered my face you would think I was Asian.

  • Jacqueline Alvarado

    I'm half Mexican, and the rest is Caucasian. People don't believe me when I say I'm Mexican, and one person said I looked Asian!

  • Ashley Jordan

    My mother named me after some white girl that was her favorite soap opera character, my skin is paler than Charlie Sheen's upper lip, and I married a white man with a very white last name.... NO ONE ever even begins to suspect I'm actually full Hispanic.

  • Queen Lil

    I have the same problem!!

  • Cassidy Laurance

    Same with Haitian.

This could be a contribution to gender equality. This shows me it's a priority for Hispanic girls to find a husband. It should be a priority to be self-sufficient

  • Steph 🎀

    Uhhh... This is for EVERY girl out there. Just saying.

But let's be honest... Its because English words do not have the same meaning and emotion behind them.

A Mexican-American migrant girl works in a tomato field in Indiana in 1968.

Hispanic Girl Problems

Hispanic Girl Problems | via Tumblr

Hispanic girl problems

Rory occasionally speaks Spanish with Ezsperanza, where she uses moderate broken Spanish. Ironically, Bledel identifies as Hispanic and she can speak Spanish fluently. English is her second language. | 16 Things You Didn’t Know About “Gilmore Girls”

I'm not sure if white and Hispanic is considered mixed, but I can relate for sure!

  • Ashley Ramsey

    If I did that, I would look like a lion. -_-

  • Christie Sanders

    Haha! Mine is thick and down to my butt and takes 30 minutes to blowdry!

  • Kirsten Neff

    I'm as white as you can get and my hair, which is extremely thick and curly, does this too. haha

Spanish girls be like

Latinas be like hispanic girl problems lol memes funny

Hispanic Girl Problems

Hispanic Girl Problems

Hispanic girl problems. That's why most hispanic kids don't grow up bratty, we know better lol

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I'm sure every Hispanic girl can relate to this.

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Closeup of Cute little African American Hispanic girl with curly hair blowing by mikebaird, via Flickr

Hispanic Girl Problems | via Tumblr