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The Mystery Of The Pagan Origin Of Christmas: Jesus Was Not Born On December 25th But A Whole Bunch Of Pagan Gods Were. > > > "The Jesus of Nazareth who came forward publicly as the Messiah...and died to give his work its final consecration never existed." - Albert Schweitzer.


They won't bcuz they can't. They are voluntary slaves perpetuating the deception of freedom, equality &prosperity. All for their own conceit, greed, haughtiness and self obsession.


Alistair Begg was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1952. He is the Senior Pastor of Cleveland's Parkside Church, a position he has had since 1983. He is the voice behind the Truth for Life, teaching ministry. His strong advocate of historic Protestant Evangelical theology. He emphasizes his belief in the importance of believing the Bible to be the completely authoritative Word of God, and the importance of using the mind to know the Bible and knowing God through repentance and faith in Jesus.


Specific Old Testament prophecies about events of Jesus' crucifixion are fulfilled in the book of Matthew


John Charles Ryle (10 May 1816 – 10 June 1900) was the first Anglican bishop of Liverpool. “From his conversion [in 1837] to his burial [in 1900], J.C. Ryle was entirely one-dimensional. He was a one-book man; he was steeped in Scripture; he bled the Bible. “This is WHY his works have lasted—and will last—they bear the stamp of eternity. Today, more than a hundred years after his passing, Ryle’s works stand at the crossroads between the historic faith and modern evangelicalism."


Listen suckhead... there is more historic proof of the existence of Jesus that Julius Cesar you ignorant hick!


“In doing God’s work in God’s way, we need faithful people to live out their commitment in the ordinary main-stream of life.” –Alistair Begg


"It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ!" –Patrick Henry

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Burial slab of Jesus is uncovered for the first time in centuries

Burial slab of Jesus is uncovered for the first time in centuries #DailyMail | These are some of the stories. See the rest @ or Video’s @ And @