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The History of Insurance (Hardcover)

The History of Insurance


The Kind of Car Insurer That Gives Consumers the Best Value

Are people better off when they buy things from companies that don’t have public shareholders they need to please? The answer, at least in the nearly $200 billion auto insurance industry, appears to be yes. That’s the conclusion of a new and comprehensive study examining the claims-paying histories of more than 300 auto insurers in the last five years.


Slaves were the workforce that built the White House & the U.S. Capitol. Such revelations rightly disturb our view of important symbols of democracy-slavery is at the foundation of our nation's history. Lawyers Deadria Farmer-Paellmann & Ed Fagan filed lawsuits against insurance company Aetna, railroad giant CSX, & FleetBoston bank, claiming that these companies profited from slavery. These are only a fraction of the prosperous American companies whose wealth came in part from the slave…

Figurehead of ship "Creole," 1847, American. Since the early years of recorded history, figureheads have decorated the bows of vessels, to invoke beneficent guiding spirits, to ward off evil spirits, and to help insure safe passage.:

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Insurance giants spy on medical history of thousands: Britain's biggest insurers demand unnecessary information from NHS

Are you considering a knee replacement surgery? Here's what you should know about knee replacement and related precautions during winters. - Expert tips for rehabilitation after a knee replacement surgery in the winter

Apr 3, 2014 Via OFA: You made history ... Millions of Americans now have health insurance—and peace of mind—but it couldn't have happened without people like you. Add your name to the permanent record of people who helped change the course of history.