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Stephen Curry is currently in Tanzania to distribute bed nets to fight the spread of malaria. Find out more about his trip at #NetsforTZ


Wounded being sent to hospital on a light railway, 1916, Salonika. Although there were many patients with wounds caused by combat, thousands of British soldiers were hospitalised during the Salonika campaign by diseases like malaria. National Army Museum, London


Herbs And Empires: A Brief, Animated History Of Malaria Drugs

Gin, Jesuit priests, communist bravado — the history of malaria is littered with strange bedfellows, as our video shows. The parasite has proved to be a wily foe, frustrating human efforts to control it time and time again.

Vintage Public Health Posters Show Just How Creepy The 20th Century Was

From "This is your brain on drugs" PSAs to various obesity campaigns, public health messages take to our airwaves, radiowaves, and bus stops to grab


77yrs later, memories return as WW2 hero attends 2016 Marine graduation (Story)

Ever heard of "malaria". Bullets weren't the only killers during these campaigns.


Panamanian Laborers At Work