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High Performance Cloud Computing Networks - [Infographic] | ProfitBricks Blog
A Brief History of Mark Zuckerberg's Toughest Decisions (Infographic) |

A Brief History of Mark Zuckerberg's Toughest Decisions (Infographic)

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An infographic on the evolution of computer network technology from 1940 - 2013 and beyond

Interactive Infographic on the History of Computers - stretching from 2400 BC and the Abacus to Binary and Da Vinci’s inventiveness, the birth of Turing in 1912 and to what we know as the major players of today Microsoft, Apple and a brief mention of the Commodore 64.

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This ludicrously detailed graphic shows, as suggested by the detail, historical linkages and simultaneous occurrences. Before the years of global empires and trade networks the history of the human existence is focused on discrete, self-contained societies that developed independent of their contemporaries. It can therefore be difficult to understand exactly which civilizations coincided. If one wants to gain perspective on the relative existence of different civilizations one wouldn’t go…

Cambodia – 10 best things to do

Cambodia - 10 best things to do | Awesome nature, beautiful beaches, great temple architecture, a lively capital, lovely people and insights to the history of Cambodia. Cambodia is definately worth a visit! | With the Tourlina app women can find female tr

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Graphical timeline representing literary periods & movements, as well as major events or authors from literature history.

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Technology | Tipsographic | More technology tips at

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