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History Of The Swastika

Wreck of the Bismarck - The Swastika painted on the aft main deck is still visible. A part of the Swastika is missing due to the collapse of the stern.

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The Ancient Secret of the Swastika & The Hidden History of the White Race - Pt. 1 of 2 -

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The Ancient Secret of the Swastika & The Hidden History of the White Race - Pt. 1 of 2 -

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Swastika flag in the streets of Oslo. The German occupation of Norway began on April 9, 1940 after German forces invaded the neutral Scandinavian country of Norway. Conventional armed resistance to the German invasion ended on June 10, 1940 and the Germans then controlled Norway until the capitulation of German forces in Europe on May 8/9, 1945. Throughout this period, Norway was continuously occupied by the Wehrmacht. #ww2 #war #history #army #travel #nowandthen #battle #worldwar2 #wwii…

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photo: Ancient Swastika on a Minoan pottery piece from Crete. The Ancient Secret Of The Swastika & The Hidden History Of The White Race (Pt. 1 of 2)

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SWASTIKA: Ancient African symbol representing 360 degrees of knowledge (not the creation of Hitler)

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Geoff Goatcher shows Me 110C-4 2N+AP of 9/ZG76 with a number of strikes on the wings and rear fuselage in his sketch book on 18 August 1940, 2 days after it had come to rest at Lee Farm, Clapham, at 17.45, likely to the one claimed by F/O Paul C Webb of No 602 Squadron RAF. The 13-year-old schoolboy noted that the aircraft was found to be unguarded with an opportunity to extract souvenirs, when Canadian troops arrived, tearing away the swastika from the tail fin.

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‘John Heartfield (1891–1968) is the anglicized name of the German photomontage artist Helmut Herzfeld. Heartfield developed photomontage into a form of political and artistic expression. His photomontages satirising Adolf Hitler and the Nazis often subverted Nazi symbols such as the swastika in order to undermine their propaganda message.

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Aramazd - The father of all the gods and goddesses, Aramazd created the heavens and the earth. The first two letters in his name, "AR", are the Armenian root for sun, light, and life. Worshiped as a sun-god, Aramazd was considered to be the source of earth’s fertility. His feast Am'nor, or New Year, was celebrated on March 21 in the old Armenian calendar. Aramazd's main sanctuary was one of the principal cult centers of Ancient Armenia.

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