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History: cat

Le Cornish Rex est un chat originaire du Royaume-Uni. Sa particularité provient de sa robe, à poils courts, mais frisés ! Le Cornish Rex est un chat intelligent, et vif. C’est un grand joueur. C’est aussi un chat doux, attaché à ses maîtres. Très miauleur, il est réputé pour avoir un miaulement strident, une voix perçante. Attention ! C’est un chat qui n’aime pas le froid, étant donné son pelage très court. #Croquetteland #chat #race #CornishRex #cat #breed #catbreed


History is filled with folklore about cats. One of the most charming stories comes from Russia. They say that if there is at least one cat on the roofs of any town, it means angels are there to protect all those who live there. Painting by Vladimir Rumyantsev

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Cats in Art – Renoir


Cats in 20th Century History-Cats in War- Unsinkable Sam Unsinkable Sam Georgina Shaw-Baker UK National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, cats in war

2 | sorry for the blue mark | sorry for the blue mark on this one contact me for cleaner version. (When you scan oil pastels your scanner gets a little dirty.) These are old postcard so too old for copyright! I wouldn't put it up otherwise.


Design History Cat Top (Toddler/Kid)-Tin Soldier-2T

Design History Cat Top (Toddler/Kid)-Tin Soldier - Free Shipping

A Liger! The awesome hybrid cross between a female tiger and a male lion. They are the largest of all the jungle cats, "growing to almost the lion and tigers combined size." Interestingly, "in history there have been stories of ligers found in the wild. Ligers were long thought to be sterile, but this theory was disproved in 1953, when a 15 year old liger was successfully mated with a male lion. The cub survived into adulthood, despite having poor health."