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April 20, 1941: Hitler's birthday. Goering, Keitel, and Himmler surround the Fuehrer to wish him happy many returns. Five years later all four would be dead.

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29 Signs You Were Raised By Hippies

We celebrate Columbus Day because he "discovered" America. However, because of his voyage, many Native Americans died. As goes for Germans, many Europeans died from Hitler, but do they celebrate a day for him? No.

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Adolf Hitler. - Unity Valkyrie Mitford formed part of Hitler's inner circle of friends. - Unity Valkyrie Mitford faceva parte della stretta cerchia di amici di Hitler.


Karl Brandt (8 janvier 1904 Mulhouse - 2 juin 1948 Landsberg am Lech, Allemagne) était un professeur de médecine et le médecin personnel d'Adolf Hitler, Brigadeführer-SS.Brandt fut jugé en 1947 durant le procès que l'on surnomma le Procès des médecins et condamné à mort pour appartenance à une organisation criminelle, crime de guerre et crime contre l'humanité. La peine de mort par pendaison fut prononcée le 19 août et Brandt fut exécuté à Landsberg.

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Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle's Nest)

"Eagles nest" Near the salt mines of Berchtesgaden is a mountain retreat called Obersalzberg ("above the salt mountain"). At the top of Obersalzberg is a house known as "Eagle's Nest." Hitler built this house and was only here 14 times on official buiness.


Hitler's "Eagles Nest" above Berchtesgaden, Germany. So scary getting here! After you traveled up a very narrow one way road up the mountain, the was a pure gold elevator that would ate u to the top. This was built for Hitler and he was afraid of heights!! No wonder!! I would never go back but it was a truly a ' been there, done that' moment I would not trade.


Eagle's Nest Historical Tour...World History in the Bavarian Alps. The so-called “Eagle’s Nest” was built as a teahouse for Adolf Hitler’s 50th birthday. Perched on a mountain summit, its unusual position makes of the daring project a unique engineering feat. What few realize is that Hitler’s home and headquarters - the second seat of 3rd Reich power - were located at Obersalzberg, at the foot of the Eagle’s Nest mountain.