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Many Hitler biographies make the erroneous claim that Hoffmann was the only man allowed to photograph Hitler. A cursory examination of Hitler photos shows this to be a canard.


Degenerate Art: Marc Chagall. Adolf Hitler loved classical art, yet hated modern abstract art. In 1937 he had an exhibit called Degenerate Art, which was intended to humiliate modern artists. All of these works were either destroyed or are still missing today.


Adolf Hitler and Uschi (Ursula) Schneider, daughter of Herta Schneider, a close friend of Eva Braun from childhood, pose in Hitler's study at the Oberslazberg, 1942. Hitler was strongly fond of children although, privately, he would admit that he could never be a father because he was devoted "body and spirit" to "serving" the German people.

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The Charismatic Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler

Known as one of the most evil people in history, Adolf Hitler was responsible…