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I love coming across photos that don't even need a caption. This one clearly speaks for itself. Very powerful photo.

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An high Nazi Officier , perhaps Baldur Von Shirach himself, greeting with a young HitlerJugend member.

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This picture shows a group of older Hitler Youth Boys at a Nazi Rally. The boys are the perfect examples of health, youth, and athleticism, which is owed to regimented exercise and drills provided by military leaders. The purpose of the drills and exercise was to shape the next generation of German soldiers into super soldiers with Nazi ideals engrained into their blood. This theme of militant regimentation is shown throughout our board and is part of the foundation of the Hitler Youth.

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Grim beyond their years, boys belonging to the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) turn eyes at a Nazi rally. Their belt buckles carry the stern motto: "Blood and Honor". The Hitlerjugend admitted children at the age of 10, and continued until the age of 18. It was organized on a military pattern and prepared a young man to become a soldier or an SS. The young men were indoctrinated with the Nazi ideology.

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The Hitler Youth wanted all German boys to start VERY early. These two have their first official photo taken.

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Boys Hitler Youth Uniform 1930 | ⇆ ✠ 卐 ⚡⚡ 900| x| Nazi Hitler Kult Homo board…

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“At an after-school meeting, Hitler Youth don gas masks as part of their military training. 1938.” (via USHMM Artifact Gallery: Hitler Youth wearing gas masks) (via lostsplendor)

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Der Pimpf was the Nazi magazine for boys, particularly those in the Deutsches Jungvolk, with adventure and propaganda. It first appeared in 1935 as Morgen, changing its name to Der Pimpf in 1937; its publication frequency went down with the war.

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A Hitler youth soldier with a Panzerfaust. ( - child of what? twelve?) "Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do."

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