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HOCKEY STOPS, PART 2 A’s feet are parallel and close to their power center, and their body position is compact. The faster they skate, the more strength they will need to stop quickly... but in this position, A can use small shifts in hip angle and weight distribution to fine-tune the quickness and direction of each stop. At any point (even DURING the stop), A can choose to stop harder, change direction, jump, or even accelerate forward.


hockey stop cross - Dynamic transitions between stop and slide also help with direction changes. In game play, being able to laterally change directions, while staying positioned forward is a real advantage. I'm working a lot on staying forward while maintaining contact, and in anticipation for impact. On 10' lines you can practice lateral direction changes with hockey stop crossovers.


This is amazing, and something I'd love to do when we redo Drus room. Ice Hockey 5 Pcs Canvas Wall Art