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WE USED THIS... We used the Hogwart's Crest rather than try to figure out what House each kid wanted... we made them all Hogwart's students. WE made house cards for each one and let them pick a house. Robes were easy! And Wes came up with the idea! XXL Adult Black T's, cut straight up the middle in the front. The crest was printed on iron on transfers for dark material only, cut, ironed on and Voila! A ROBE! They looked great! hogwarts crest - Google Search


Welcome to Hogwarts!Here are the rules: 1.Only have seven characters.One boy and one girl at least.2.No stealing FCs. 3.Ask me to be a professor,prefect,head of house,or head boy/girl. 4.Keep it Pg. 5.Keep years even. 6.If your a professor don't be biased. your pets if your a student. 8.Ask the headmaster for your schedule.You must complete the schedule once a week or tell me if you are unable.