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John's father dies, and he has no family at all. This is a picture of boy and his father hold hands. This symbolizes love and connection between families

Just Hold My Hand | hold my hand this life don t last forever hold my hand so tell me what ...

The child in us. The Tibetan Plateau, the Roof of the World still remains a place where only the Tibetans can survive its harsh climate conditions. A Tibetan boy holding the hand of his father who works on the road construction, Tibet. (Photo and caption by Sergi Barisashvili)

Once in a while I need someone to hold my hand and support me .... help me ..... protect me .... don`t you ?

Ci sono amori chimicamente perfetti, geograficamente improbabili, storicamente immortali, fisicamente stimolanti, matematicamente impossibili. Michelangelo Da Pisa

Hold my hand? Better is to say, I need a warm hug and please hold me tightly. This is true, as humans we all need some sort of physical contact, it's more healing and stress removal than anything man-made like pharmaceuticals etc, and a lot cheaper too

One day I'll find someone, someone who will hold my hand, knowing for a moment I won't have to face the world alone.

My favorite wedding ceremony blessing...we read it at ours & I wanted to share any Bride-to-Be's... be sure to have a tissue handy! ;)

I can send a Realistic 3D Hand through the mail in a care package; a cute reminder that I'm always there with a hand to hold. ❤️ Realistic 3D Outlined Lined Hand Drawing / Craft.

It was a simple gesture. A smiple touch on the forearm. But it was with compassion and love that made it special.

"What did my fingers do before they held him? What did my heart do with its love?"Sylvia Plath

wherever you are is home and the earth is paradise wherever you set your feet is holy don't live off it like a parasite. you live in it, and it in you, or you don't survive. and that is the only worship of god there is...

my hand is yours to hold hold my hand when it's cold. we'll wear plaid squares big and small as we watch the autumn leaves fall and fall

25 Most Romantic Stories and Photos From ‘Humans of New York’ (via HowAboutWe)

Free Pattern @OombawkaDesign Mommy Hold My Hand Mitten

Im a lot diffrent then most children of Apollo. I can control fire too. I also am not as easy going, and my temper can flair easily so keep that in mind before you deside to prank me.

Please go with me... my hand is out, just take it!! I love you!!!

I want to hold your hand, laugh at your jokes, walk by your side, snuggle on the couch... #love #quotes - Tumblr Quotes, Word Graphics, Word Photography

Hold My Hand Daddy Poem | Hold My Hand Mummy | A poem by Ms Moem. | Poetry

A picture like this with her kn my grandmother's hands. Oh gosh.

Because he always does this and it makes my heart smile :) It's the little things