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Hold unfinished

Unfinished Work Tip: Worksheets no longer get lost or forgotten with this attractive solution. Give each student a magnetic clip for her desk and have her attach any unfinished work to her clip. Not only will she know where to find the paper to finish it, but it's easy to estimate how many students need to complete an assignment.

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INTJ - survival, technical skills, how and why things work, sports, family dynamics, now personal skills. Oh my, so many unfinished projects left to complete.

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Need to do this for the basement staircase. Storage would be great. unfinished basement ideas | storage | Unfinished Basement Ideas

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"Are you kidding me? On my wedding day? He promised he wouldn't do this again. Hold on dear I'll be right back."

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Rustic Upper Cabinet - Reclaimed Barn Wood w/Tin Doors (Unfinished) #8405

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Glue an envelope in the back of student notebooks for when they have small pieces of things they are working on but are not ready to glue in their journals yet.

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