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Holiday Entitlement

Chocolate Chip Slice and Bake Cookies

Chocolate Chip Slice and Bake Cookies Recipe. Make your own chocolate chip slice and bake cookies with this easy to put together slice and bake cookies recipe! This tasty chocolate chip slice and bake cookies recipe is simple to make and can be customized for any holiday or occasion. This is an easy recipe that looks beautiful and tastes fabulous!


The Secret to Teaching Your Kids to Be Grateful This Christmas

Worried your kids will be spoiled by all the gifts on Christmas morning? Use this free printable to nip entitlement in the bud this holiday season and end up with grateful kids. Such a fun activity for kids to do with parents, and it will foster gratitude too!


My wife Alice and I are not having our after-the-holidays party this year. It’s a 20+ year tradition; a welcome respite for our friends following Christmas and Hanukah. Guests always say how much they appreciate a party after the holidays and having a...


LOL- as an Indian myself I can say it- we lost. Kill the BIA and stop entitlement payments. They have destroyed the people!


Giving back during the holidays, and instilling this mindset in my child, is something I value tremendously. Though we vary in our methods and don’t have a set tradition for contributing to the greater good, my family and I always try to do something special to serve others in the name of the Christmas spirit. …


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RNR Kentucky (@RNRKentucky) | Twitter Because of YOU, we can sleep in peace! Youre ALL in our PRAYERS & ALWAYS in our HEARTS #RedNationRising THANKS each one of you GOD BLESS YOU


Although I’ve been thoroughly conditioned by pain to see it otherwise, an ending is nothing more than the backside of a beginning. See the holiday edition of our emagazine entitled "Thriving" at


The Blizzard

Looking for a unique bourbon drink to enjoy during Thanksgiving, Christmas and other winter holidays? 100% pure cranberry juice mixes with bourbon, freshly squeezed lemon juice and homemade simple syrup to create this winter-flavored cocktail, entitled The Blizzard. Serve with frozen cranberries or ice, and enjoy this slightly sweet bourbon drink during the chilly winter months.