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Holly Fern

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The Best Shade-Loving Plants

Holly Fern Stays Green All Winter

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Holly Fern Facts – Learn How To Grow A Holly Fern Plant

Growing Holly Ferns: Information On Holly Fern Care - Holly fern, named for its serrated, sharp tipped, holly like leaves, is one of the few plants that will grow happily in the dark corners of your garden. Read this article to learn about the care of holly ferns and see if this plant is right for you.


Features: An excellent semi-evergreen fern that will tolerate shade and colder weather in the North. It is an easy, fast grower with a tall erect growth habit and hardy in zone 5-10. Care: Top beds with 2" compost or peat moss mulch each spring and keep moist. Snow may cause semi-evergreen fronds to lie down. leaves should only be removed when brown or hidden by newly emerging fronds. Use organic fertilizers at half rate. Mature in 2-3 years, do not divide


Fortune's Holly Fern | Exceptional fern for interesting form and texture. Fronds are stiff, upright and dark green arching outward from the center of the plant. Fast-growing; 1'-2' tall and 1.5'-2' wide. Full to partial shade.


Holly Fern -Popular for its hardiness as well as its handsome, evergreen foliage, this fern makes an excellent groundcover or border edging in shady locations. Stiff, erect dark green shiny fronds of holly-like leaflets having coarsely fringed margins. Adds great texture to container plantings. Evergreen in mild winter climates.


Arachnoides simplicior 'Variegata' (syn Arachnoides aristata 'Variegata') - Variegated Shield Fern, East Indian Holly Fern

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Brighten a Shady Spot - 122 Container Gardening Ideas

'Aaron' caladium, holly fern, 'Key Lime Pie' heuchera, 'White Nancy' lamium, ivy, and light pink periwinkle come together in this eye-catching window box.


These are native to my area ( the west coast ) and British Columbia, all the way to Alaska. I love them and have several planted in my hosta garden. There is also purple coral bells and blue fescue peppered among them. Great texture - and at home in any woodland garden.