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Growing holly bushes in your yard can add yearround interest. Because they are such popular plants, many people have questions about the care of holly bushes. Read this article to learn more about growing holly.


Hollies typically are either male or female, so plant a partner nearby to ensure a good crop of berries. Holly prefers well-drained, moist, and fertile soil. Summer is the right time to prune a holly hedge.

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Sea Holly Flowers - Information About Growing Eryngium Plants

Sea Holly Plant Care: How To Grow A Sea Holly Plant I had these at my last house.Miss them


Winterberry holly is long-lasting and beautiful for holiday arranging. Though it is pricey at the florist, it is super easy to grow this shrub and have your own supply! Fall is a good time to plant shrubs. Proven Winners | Berry Nice® - Winterberry Holly - Ilex verticillata @Proven_winners #holly #holidaydecor


Ilex Crenata Fastigiata "Green Pillar" Sky Pencil Japanese Holly - H 3m x W 1m - A superb form of Japanese holly with a columnar habit. This evergreen, upright shrub is an ideal accent plant when clipped to shape or left to grow naturally and is excellent for breaking up low or horizontal planting schemes. An excellent choice for small gardens or for growing in containers.

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Winter Red Holly

The Cold Hardiest of All Holly Varieties - Winter Red Hollies are breaking the stereotypes that suggest hollies will only flourish in the south, because they have an extremely high tolerance for freezing temperatures as well as heavy layers of ice and snow.  Most holly varieties can only tolerate the cold temperatures in growing...

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A Princess Among Hollies

Blue Princess holly produces a lot of berries (image) for me. Blue Prince is the male. - David Beaulieu