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Holocaust Videos

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Holocaust Video Webquest and Foldable Reflection

This video webquest and extension activity includes urls, qr codes, and questions to help students understand the horrors of the Holocaust. It also includes a foldable graphic organizer to help students reflect upon what they have just seen.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

The Holocaust: Background Through Liberation PowerPoint

This PowerPoint covers the Holocaust from the Background through the liberation of the camps. Includes fantastic, visually-engaging slides with pictures, great notes, an included video, and more! A great lesson plan for the Holocaust in a World or US History class!


Lessons from Auschwitz: The power of our words - Benjamin Zander. Use with The Book Thief


Winfrey & Wiesel - Auschwitz (Part 1) - Good intro for teaching "Night" and/or other Holocaust books

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Holocaust Propaganda: Introduction & Analysis Activity

This is a 24 slide PowerPoint that will help students to understand how Hitler used Nazi propaganda to promote anti-Semitism and allow the Final Solution to take place. There are many examples of propaganda displayed as well as a description of the techniques used to persuade the Germans to accept Nazi beliefs. Students will be able to work together to decide how persuasive and effective a Nazi propaganda poster is and the techniques that were used.


This is a 27 slide PowerPoint that introduces the Holocaust to students in an easy to understand format. The ten most frequently asked questions by students are answered with pictures and graphs included to aid comprehension. A vocabulary activity is included as well. My students enjoy this as we share an open class discussion on the topics presented!


"On May 10, 1933, German students under the Nazi regime burned tens of thousands of books nationwide. These book burnings marked the beginning of a period of extensive censorship and control of culture in Adolf Hitler's escalating reign of terror. In this short film, a Holocaust survivor, an Iranian author, an American literary critic, and two Museum historians discuss the Nazi book burnings and why totalitarian regimes often target culture, particularly literature."