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The Holy Lance or The Spear of Destiny. The proposed blade that Longinus pierced Jesus with, while he was hanging on the cross. In reality the blade was made in the 7th century AD but may contain a nail from around the time of Christ.

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The infamous spear of destiny, or Holy Lance. Allegedly the spear which pierced Jesus's side as he was crucified. Myths attribute to the lance special powers, for which Hitler was desperately after and the reason why he started WWII. Once acquired it, losing it means death. As the US seized it at the end of the war, Hitler apparently committed suicide upon losing it.

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Holy Lance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Cleric Adhémar of Monteil holding the Holy Lance accompanies knights into battle, from a 13th-century manuscript.

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Vel, the holy lance, is Lord Murugan's protective power, our safeguard in adversity. Its tip is wide, long and sharp, signifying incisive discrimination and spiritual knowledge, which must be broad, deep and penetrating.

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Darkfever 1- Spear of Longinus, Spear of Destiny, The Holy Lance. Spear or Luin or Luisne

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