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Home Air Quality Control

The Health Effects Of Poor Indoor Air Quality Air quality problems don't just exist outdoors; in fact, indoor air problems can be just as serious and are considered one of the largest environmental issues in the US.

Surprising Facts about Indoor Air Quality (infographic)
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11 surprising facts about indoor air quality [Infographic]

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A helpful hint for living life more toxin-free. #toxinfreegen


Effects of hookah smoking on indoor air quality in homes -- Weitzman et al. -- Tobacco Control

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From Ancient Air Conditioners to Contemporary Passive Homes

The same type of natural air conditioning can be seen in Western architecture as well. Transoms, or tiny windows above doorways, were used to keep interiors cool and ventilated before air conditioning became commonplace. Trees and shrubs are used for shade to keep the sun from creating too much heat inside homes, and exterior porches are used to keep windows protected from the harshest of the summer rays.


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1. Replacing Harmful Toxic Products: Air quality of air inside our homes is 5-7 times more toxic than outdoor air 😳 It takes 26 seconds for toxins you smell or apply to fully enter your bloodstream. (It takes just as fast for Eos to enter your blood stream and start doing damage control!) We've replaced just about every single cleaning and personal hygiene product in our house with more natural products, a lot of which incorporate essential oils. 2. EO's repair your damaged cells! They…

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