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12 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Movie "Home Alone"

"Ricco, dou 1 Milhão de reais pra vc deixar uma tarantula passear no seu rosto por 1 segundo!' → Ricco morre pobre. (Cena: Home Alone)

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Home Alone

Home Alone 1&2, Me and my brothers watched on Christmas Eve every year as far back as I can remember!!!!


homestuck vriska serket myart tavros nitram tavris I hope that this one will not hit the internet like the last one.... I


Check out a preview of my Home Alone Literary Unit that is Common Core Aligned! This freebie includes a character trait graphic organizer, one of five comprehension question pages, a venn diagram as well as a writing prompt. CLICK HERE to check out the entire 70 page Home Alone MEGA unit!

Artist Dylan Bonner has released a wonderful new collection featuring some of our favorite Disney characters in their best holiday movie look.


Okay... so I might be taking slightly too much pleasure in watching Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern meet a fate which only looney tunes characters should technically survive, buuuuut... This movie cracks me up every time I watch it! lol :)


#8 Italy from the anime Hetalia always has that urge to smile and to be happy, no matter what happens and no matter who's around. If something sad or scary happens, he'll cry. He just needs someone else to be there for a little while, and he'll be smiling again in no time. But, when he's alone, that's the time when he can let his guard down and let his smile disappear. Because, even though he hates to admit it, it's a mask. I can relate to him. I want to have relatable characters in my…