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Starbright Silver at its finest! We are obsessed at this color get a similar look using Sparks at home color at a fraction of the cost!


Don't have the time or funds to go to the salon for a hair dye job? Check out these 20 tips for coloring your hair at home, as well as some great tutorials. 20 Tips for Coloring Your Hair at Home via @tipsaholic #coloring #haircolor #haircoloring #hair

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♔ i kind of miss cersei's pretty long blonde hair in the show, but her short hair is sort of a symbol of cersei wearing her own mistakes and anger/bitterness at where her mistakes have led her (ie. making the decision to empower the sparrows, which ultimately led to what SEEMED to be her downfall). i feel like, now, every time cersei looks in the mirror, she is reminded of how pissed off she is, which makes her that more vindictive and that more badass lol ♔