Sugaring is an all-natural method that uses a paste or gel made from sugar, water and lemon juice to easily remove the hair from the root. It washes off easily with water and the results can last up to six weeks. To make a natural hair removal sugar wax, you will need: 2 cups sugar

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For women in menopausal state it's natural for more facial hair and this is a cheap alternative for hair removal.

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Home Made Facial Hair Removal Mask.I guess I'll try it and hope I don't get it on my eyebrows... but if things like this really worked, don't you think they'd be main stream by now?

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Underarms dark skin beauty is one of the nightmares because of which many women are shy and avoid going out in public with sleeveless dresses or tops or straps. The reasons for the underarm skin is a darker color than the body varies, depending on the health, skin care cosmetics or hair removal method of …

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How do you remove those unwanted hair - shave, razor, wax, or hair removing creams? Here's a simple home remedy for removing unwanted hair permanently.

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DIY threading... Hmmm looks a little complicated so I'm gonna let you try it and tell me if it works , K?

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Homemade Sugaring Hair Removal. Sugaring hair removal is the term that is synonymous with waxing. This recipe is used to remove hair from roots. Sugaring paste is generally prepared by using the household items, such as honey, lemon, sugar, water, etc. Here is simple yet effective sugaring hair removal method to be practiced at home for smoother, softer, and suppler skin.

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