Yes, she's very pretty. At least it looks like a "she." Ridiculously Photogenic Lizard. So pretty, but Kinda scary.

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TROPICAL HOME DECOR - This brightly hand painted metal gecko wall hanging was hand cut from a 55 gallon recycled steel drum with hammer and chisel. - See more tropical designs at

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A rainbow frog that is worshipped as a God in Kerala, India. Followers go to Reji Kumar's home to pray for miracles from the rainbow frog. When Reji 1st saw the frog it was white, then yellow to gray via

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Want to keep your home lizard free ? Use LizFree Repellent Gel .It is safe to your kids, pets and the applicator due to non-toxic composition of the Gel and is also Friendly to the environment. For more info visit us @ #ECO-friendly #NonToxic #Nounpleasantsmell

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