Inez's rules for a successful round of solitaire: Mandatory - tube top, home perm, & cigarettes. Optional - Matching wallpaper & tablecloth.

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Ogilvie Home Perm, Extra Body 1 application //Price: $ & FREE Shipping // #hair #curles #style #haircare #shampoo #makeup #elixir

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The Ideal Toni Dolls were a promotional doll, connected with the Toni cosmetic company, she was sold with her own home permanent kit. Everything mother had to perm your hair, the Ideal Toni Dolls had the same. A permanent solution, made of sugar and water. There were also end papers and a comb, just as in the adult home permanent kits

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Toni perm..I remember covering my face with a towel while mom squirted on the solution...some wold always run into the was cold...and smelled really really bad...

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Who can forget the 'Which twin has the Toni?' ad campaign? I have one memory of my mother doing a home perm. It was smelly and tense, the possibility of disaster always present. Vintage 1949 Toni Home Perm Advert- Vintage Advertising Posters | Paper Bygones

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HOME PERMS!! 80's girls, we loved 'em!! I can still remember the smell :) ... my goodness, even with my long hair, I was silly enough to let my Mom give me home perms -- what a mess! But, bigger was better in the 80s. lol .. J

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Ogilvie Salon Styles The Original Home Perm, Multicolor

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