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    Cocoon - Home Security Device: This gadget may look cute, but it’s better than the fiercest watch dog: it keeps your home safe by sensing activity - even through walls and doors!

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    Lock the track on your home's garage door when you go away on vacation. Not that we have a garage, but for future reference

    Home security is all about common sense, but some common-sense ideas aren't so obvious. A veteran cop gives 9 great ideas to protect your home.

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    Blink and Blink App. Blink: the first ultra-affordable, totally wire-free smart HD home monitoring and alert system.

    These days crime is rampant. If SHTF or a disruptive event occurs, it will get worse. Here are 20 crime prevention secrets for preppers. Good to know!

    Before you toss out that old smart phone, you should consider turning it into a home surveillance system.

    $10 DIY Alarm System That Calls Your Cellphone - Home Security Systems | Can’t afford expensive home security systems? Ever wanted to know how to make your own DIY alarm system? Believe it or not, you can make your own wireless home security system for about $10 with a few simple hacks to a prepaid cellphone. Check it out! #survivallife

    NIGHTLOCK Security Door Barricade helps prevent door Kick ins, Burglary and Home Invasion. Best Do It Yourself Home security solution. Protect your family and property. Stop violent and desperate criminals before they enter your home. Alarm systems just make noise and report burglaries, Nightlock barricade helps keep them outside . Nightloc...

    The many layers of home security Scroll through this interactive graphic to learn how to keep your home safe. Mon, Jul 15 2013