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Home Wrecker

That is a great comeback for people :D Obviously it is not towards you :D


Free, Confession Ecard: Not everyone who dislikes you is "just jealous" of you. Believe it or not, some people truly don't like trashy, manipulative, life-wrecking bleepholes.


To my one special home wreckers out there.. You can try but ya can't have my life, or my kid!


Wait: CORRECTION You TRIED to be a home wrecker but it backfired.....poor thing. My girl kept her man and you STILL gonna lose yours!!!! No matter how many posts you add about how great your relationship is


home wrecker quotes with pics | Probably won't be the home wrecker herself but karma never lets down ...


Mistress and ignorant ex husband who is already cheating on you even though your pregnant with his twins. Life's a product of your choices. Lol enjoy

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Funny how people are offended by it... for those of you who are: Fuck off cunt face!!


There is a difference between giving up and knowing when you have had enough