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Homeless Definition

As you might remember this cute homeless pup was suffering from flea allergy, skin fungus, polyps on his back and an open wound on his neck that required surgery intervention. Thanks to you he was able to afford his treatment. His skin is improving significantly thanks to the treatment and the regular anti flea medication is helping as well so he doesn’t scratch himself. He is definitely more comfortable. He is also wearing a special collar to help. The fungus is gone as well.

#wildside of life #reportage & #photography mag UNION magazine is now in. Definitely not to be confused with the Japanese fashion mag of the same name. We're launching issue 3 with the publishers next Thursday 27 Oct at Magalleria. Let us know if you'd like to come along. You can see more of James Cheadle's superb photography at @UnionFeatures #unionmagazine #documentary #gonzo #detroit #mopeds #tokyo #homeless #portraits #zzyzx #urbancowboy #juggalo #illinois #cover…

Oluwajomiloju: #Nigerian #Vegetarian #Bookworm - Last term a friend and I spent the day prepping and providing food to the veterans / homeless population in Worcester. Although it was an impromptu thing I definitely felt the love and appreciation from the people that received the meal that I haven't felt / experienced in a while. #WPI

TO BE DESTROYED 10/19/16 A volunteer writes: This beautiful boy is very clearly a chocolate lab mix, full of energy, licks for everyone, and puppy love (although he's a big one, this sweetheart is most definitely still a puppy!). Belarus loves to play and run, gets very excited about other dogs, and loves to cuddle. He is a huge ball of joy and smiles, eager to try to get into the lap of anyone who will give him a scratch behind the ears (I don't think he quite realizes how big he is!)…

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Blessing Bags - How to create + FREE Checklist!

How to Pack a Blessing Bag to help those in Need - Keep in Your Car or Donate to a Homeless Shelter


before i die.. I will do this! After I do it once I want to doit every Christams and maybe even on random days just to see the smile on their face and to help someone in need would be amazing (:


Mom: I understand what you are going through, when I was a kid I- Me: I'm sorry but when you were a kid this situation was different, everything is different from when you were a kid. Things change