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Homelessness Statistics

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Homeless Veterans

Veteran statistics | homeless veterans | veterans, Statistics and key facts related to the severity of homelessness for veterans and veterans inc. Description from I searched for this on


5 Ways Statistics Are Used to Lie to You Every Day


What happens to foster children once they've "aged out"? Within 18 months, 2/3 will die, become homeless, or be in jail. 40% will need assistance from government funded programs, and 3% will graduate college. Break the statistic. Fight the statistic.

Foster Care statistics on quality of life when they are out of the system and areas of concern
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What 3 Out Of 10 Homeless Adults Today Had In Common As Kids

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Official figures failing to show full extent of homelessness in England, says report

The latest government statistics show 52,000 households were formally recorded as homeless in 2013-14, but a new report warns the problem is worse than official figures show. #GIVEback