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Once I get better with my sewing maching and sewing multiple pieces together, I would love to make something like this. Blog post: DIY - Travel backpack tutorial

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Drawstring backpack tutorial - would be great to make for the OST CPS kids in foster care #FoPRR

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@alice lois made a #DIY drawstring backpack. This would be the perfect thing to make for a child before they head off to camp this summer. /ES

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NO MORE STINKY DOG! This homemade dog shampoo is super moisturizing, and leaves your pets fur looking and feeling great!

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hart + sew | Vintage Baby Clothing: (back) to school Backpack Tutorial ~ I think I know a little girl who would love this

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Handmade Backpack: Make a great back-to-school gift: Sew a handmade tote bag using fun fabrics and a bit of rope. Stitch a bunch of these small backpacks to complement a special outfit or to celebrate school colors. ~ Get step-by-step instructions

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DIY Drawstring Backpack final 3

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Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups - perfect for back to school and no preservatives! Great for backpacking.

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Homemade, cheap, tasty backpacking meals - just add hot water! And no mess!

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Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate KIND bar copycat. From

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How to make and pack 7 days of healthy backpacking or camping breakfasts, lunches, dinners & snacks that fit in a bear barrel.

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Instructions on vacuum sealing meals for backpacking/ camping, emergency preparedness, etc.

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Blog post at Road Trip the World : In a perfect world, I would always have a stash of delicious and nutritious homemade backpacking meals ready for the trail. But if you haven[..]

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Survival Bar Recipe & Instructions: Chocolate Chia Survival Food Bars with Long Shelf Life. Nutritious and taste great. DIY Ready |

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Make Your Own Pack Cover

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Avocado Chips | These tangy avocado chips were sliced perfectly with a Weston Mandoline Slicer and dehydrated in a Weston Food Dehydrator for a tasty homemade snack.

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How to Make Dried Fruit In the Oven

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Repel mosquitoes with roesemary plants, this is great for kids and dogs | Homemade natural mosquito repellents by Pioneer Settler at

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Homemade KIND bar copycats. 8 varieties. Easy and inexpensive. From

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DIY MREs - Learn to create these simple meals ready to eat to use in case of emergency, for camping, or on long trips.

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Healthy Instant Oatmeal Packets--for hot & refrigerator oats so going to do this... :)

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*Not a low-calorie bar, an economical version for a post-run/workout snack.

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50+ Wilderness Survival Tips | Handy & Homemade

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