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Homemade Backpack

Homemade Backpack, sounds a little tough. But I think I want I little stylish type bag for days I don't want a bulky bag taking away from the cute factor of my outfit.

This is a blog from a guy who makes his own clothes. Not hokey homemade looking stuff.

Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups - perfect for back to school and no preservatives! Great for backpacking.

15 Homemade Healthy Dog Treat Recipes | Pretty Fluffy |

Vacuum Seal Bags filled with homemade backpacking meals

Backpack : DIY Project: Homemade Backpack

Top 5 Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipes Soft, Sexy Skin Awaits!

DIY Dog Biscuits - Recipe for Homemade Dog Biscuits with Photo Tutorial and Instructions. Learn how to make easy healthy dog treats from scratch


15 Things You Can Make Using A Dehydrator | a list of awesome foods you can make right in the comfort of your own home. Are you a dried food fanatic? Check out how to make our delicious dried fruits, meats, chips, and granola! Whether you’re a homesteader, a backpacker, or just a health food enthusiast – these yummy recipes will not disappoint. #homemaderecipes

homemade baby/toddler clip toy for road trips. Who is going to help me make this before Thanksgiving?! :)

  • Sammi Mitchell

    I think this is a good idea. But I wouldn't give it to my 2 year old, pinched fingers are no fun! This is for a child with more fine-tuned motor skills, not a toddler.

  • Becky Gray

    I didn't actually call anyone dumb so perhaps you should re-read before you make statements like that before you make judgements too.

  • Tawny Cole

    These are nothing like the clips that are used in car seats. This is a good idea. By the time kids are old enough to be able to maneuver these appropriately, they are using items in their day-to-day life that have clips like this so it is a good fine motor exercise and prepares them for tasks that would be in their preschool activities (eg. opening and closing their backpacks). Why people are so judgmental and rude is beyond me when you probably don't have any idea what you are talking about and are so quick to call people dumb and tell them they have terrible ideas. Get a clue. As far as them pinching their fingers...they are going to have to learn to do this anyway and this is a great way to help them master this aspect of their fine motor capabilities.

  • Katee Churchill

    These are not the same as car seat clips, and this would be perfect for my kid. Thank you!

  • Taylor Guy

    I agree with Becky. Its a terrible idea

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Homemade Spice Mix Recipes, make a bunch up and pop them in the crock pot throughout the fall and winter! #masonjar #gift #prepday

Perfect Paleo Survival Snacks Good idea for backpacking and maybe long distance running! But no vacuum sealer at this house....

Homade Backpacking food for hiking/camping..."this would be handy for a lot of situations.". ...dl

Backpacking Make your own gear blog. Perfect homemade shoes without gaiters.

coke can stove

Homemade Soda Can Camp Stove: Super cheap & lightweight option for backpacking. I haven't used one, but I met many thru hikers who swore by them.

Ultralight backpack pattern and instructions. For women be aware that you should pay attention to placement of shoulder straps and attachment angle of waist belt, plus you should add a sternum strap. This will make weight distribution more comfortable than with a men's or unisex pack.

{il} {gat-to} {sell-va-tee-ko}: DIY Project: Homemade Backpack // One of the best backpacks I've seen but the worst instructions -_-

Shelf stable energy bars for hiking, backpacking, etc. Very easy to customize flavors with this recipe!

Bark to bulk up your backpacking meals. Dehydrated food takes on flavor and builds stews and sauce. Several different recipes. Tasty and can eat dehydrated (chippy) or rehydrated. More than mashed potatoes :) Try it, you'll like it

DIY Sleeping bag pack - backpack, pillow and blanket all in one.

Yummy backpacking breakfast recipes to get the day started off on the right foot. Like almost all of the Wild Backpacker recipes these can be cooked in a single plastic baggie for a no mess breakfast!

18 DIY Pinatas Costing you less than $3 each to make! All are Step by Step tutorials. Be creative and let your hands make the #pinata!

From Far Eastern Russia comes this primitive backpack design called a “Flyer” or "Pогулек" ~ Follow link for further fascinating info and graphics on the more primitive external frame packs, including a video on the Pогулек.