Homemade Lamps

Homemade lamp shades. I cant wait to do this!!!"

DIY lava lamp! homemade lava lamps. Using just water, oil, food coloring, and a little Alka-Seltzer, you’ll have a bit of a science experiment on your hands, not to mention a retro-cool craft.

Light up Dad's day with a homemade liquor bottle lamp #fathersday

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Wooden plank and cheese graters. Clever homemade lighting idea!

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Homemade covers for table top lamps

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Easy #DIY concrete pendant lights! :: I love all of these! The bottom two remind me of Joachim Manz' concrete pendant lamps (I *think* I have his name right)

Homemade lamp

Homemade lava lamps. Add vegetable oil, about 3/4th of the water bottle, and then ten drops of food coloring. Then take an alkaseltzer tab and break it into four pieces. Drop one in at a time and wait for each to dissove.

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Water Bottle + Water + Veg Oil + Alka Seltzer = Lava Lamp Add food coloring and glitter. Nifty!

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Make a homemade lava lamp with alka seltzer tablets! Fun summer science experiment for kids.

DIY Homemade Sun Jar: Create your own solar lights that store energy during the day and release light at night. These little lamps are adorable, easy to make and cheap to purchase; everything a DIY project should be.

A quick breakdown on how to make these lamps as a DIY project. Love these lamps...I so want to try this someday.

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