This Is Starting To Look Pretty Good

Various types of DIY projects can be done to update a dull backyard. A fun project that you may want to do is build your own homemade pallet swimming pool.

No pool? Make one!

Homemade In-Ground Back Yard Pool/Spa

how to build a natural swimming pool - Yahoo Image Search Results

This is amazing! How to make your own outdoors swimming pool - cheap! DIY!

DIY Swimming Pool: Cool and Fun....that's AWESOME

How to make your own swimming pool vacuum using your pool pump, a juice jug, and vacuum attachments! Genius! - YouTube

A Natural DIY Swimming Pool From Start to Finish | Photos | HGTV Canada

homemade diy solar pool heater system

Stock tank swimming pool

A DIY pallet swimming pool that is perfect for any backyard.

#PALLET (Hot Tub or above ground pool) decking & surround -

Who knew that “dumpster diving” could make someone so famous? New Orleans-based production designer and architect Stefan Beese created a sleek backyard swimming pool from a repurposed steel refuse container a few years ago, and he’s been swimming in eco-chic fame ever since.  The crafty invention was

I want to build this!!!

How to Build Your Own Fire Pit

Natural Swimming Pools: A Guide to Building: Michael Littlewood, Andrew Crane: They rely on the correct balance of living plants & micro-organisms to clean & purify the water...easy & less costly to maintain than chemical pools. Chlorine & other common pool chemicals that are hazardous to human health are not used. Natural pools are safe places for children to play & birds to drink, & are a dramatic example of ecological design, combining the natural & man-made worlds while creating beauty.

Build Your Own Swimming Pool From Bales Of Hay.... um I mean why not just buy an above ground pool

"Beachballs" a little ridiculous but still cute idea

natural swimming pool costs less then a regular pool plus no chemicals!! The plants and animals filter it. video how to

Adorable frosted cupcakes are perfect for a beach day or summer birthday party!

Outdoor Furniture Within Pool

DIY Homemade Swimming Pool Gallery | JaneGrok--I'm into this! one could even face it with something, like rock, or wooden slats, or even build a deck around it!

Homemade Wasp Traps - 1) Sugar water (but also kills honey bees) 2) Vinegar, sugar, salt mixture (less attracting to honey bees)

Planejando uma pool party neste verão? Veja ideias de decoração para deixar a festa ainda mais divertida.