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Homemade Wedding Dresses

My homemade dress :) : wedding dress sew Bakwards

Bohemian Style Wedding Inspiration with a Fantastic Homemade Teepee | Fab You Bliss

Beautiful No Sew Tutu Dresses 40 Homemade No-Sew DIY Baby and Toddler Gifts - DIY for Life

Flowers in her Hair! // La Sposa wedding dress // soft pink romantic wedding // Craig & Eva Sanders Photography

Homemade wedding dress

Johanna Hehir wedding dress, farm wedding, rustic wedding, handmade wedding, homemade wedding, diy wedding, Photography by Fiona Kelly

Blush pink hydrangeas with votives. Love low and simple center pieces. This would be cheap using hydrangeas or homemade paper flowers.

Bird Sanctuary Wedding - most rockin' bouquet ever

homemade wedding dress - Google Search

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  • Mia Marie

    Yes, I have this pinned on my food board too! We can do it.

Handmade/homemade wedding dress

peach mint julep signature drink www.weddingchicks...

DIY Wedding Card: Dress & Tux Trifold {+ Printable} - Practically Functional

Homemade Wedding Dress

Homemade Wedding Dress

Style Me Pretty | Gallery | Picture | #703928 Shared by Donna Merritt #wedding officiant www.TheSimpleWedd...

  • Carin Sims

    Lauren Johnson no I like it. Its simple and nice.. her dress compliments well

the Cambie Dress -- Pattern available soon. This would be pretty for my brother's wedding.

Beautiful bridal shot - Moody Marriage - Homemade Wedding Dress by 0plato0, via Flickr

Frances and Rob wedding. Lovely homemade dress with antique tablecloth. Love it.

beautiful homemade wedding dress

Way to use homemade garlands to dress up a rented tent

Pretty Dress Book Page Pattern - fun for a summer scrapbook page or to put on a homemade wedding card!

homemade white cotton wedding dress - simple and maybe just perfect for a vow renewal

I liked this wedding at first because of the brides beautiful homemade dress. But then I realized her "gypsy style" inspired her to come up with a "native American Indian" (her words, not mine) theme for her wedding. How can someone's culture be a wedding theme?! Cultural appropriation, that's how. Good job.

  • Taia Stewart

    This is not ok by me. However, I do feel the need to point out that in Australia (where this took place) Native American culture is not part of our dialogue. I think that many people only have visual cues or influence, without any cultural history or backstory, present to those living in North America. It is similar to expecting a North American to know it's not ok for women to play the didgeridoo, even if they saw a celebrity doing it. Different countries have different landscapes

  • Genevieve

    Quyanaa (thank you) to the other Native women, and to our allies, who have left comments standing up for Native peoples and cultures. Finding solidarity in my small personal struggles against cultural appropriation/ignorance/racism makes me feel a glimmer of hope.

  • Genevieve is the act of appropriating someone's culture in this way that devalues images and objects, and takes them away from that particular Nation, or community, in a sense. This is not respect, and it not trivial (where the heck were you going with a fur coat thing? Are you now generalizing that Natives hold deep cultural connections to fur coats?). This post, along with the horridly ignorant comments such as Holly's, is racism.

  • Genevieve

    Also, Sarah, if you took the time to read my original comment, or maybe the post itself, you would notice that the bride HERSELF stated that she was going for a "Native American Indian" theme. She WAS in fact trying to appropriate a culture to which she does not belong. As a Native woman myself, I agree with other Native womens' comments here noting that she did a piss poor job of it. However..

  • Nita Esmailka

    If you look through the actual link they have tipi's and some gentleman with clearly atrocious war bonnets, so yes they are obviously trying to incorporate a 'Native AMerican' theme

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I love this dress. It reminds me of Grandma F's wedding dress. | Vintage Wedding Ideas- Christine's homemade dress