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Fat Minions Quotes. QuotesGram

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Things Teens do and Quotes from different stuffies. We post everything you can relate to in your...

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• LOL funny true true story school homework i can relate so true teen quotes relatable funny quotes so-relatable •

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If you didn’t study, here’s your answer…

Will use in math class for students to find the error in this persons excuse

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I love this. We are told how important grades are. If you're not a 4.0 student then you don't have a shot at grad school. We get so bogged down and focused on how every grade we get needs to be excellent but then we miss out on the more important things. School will always be there. But you only get to be with your family for a short time

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Motivational Monday #25 & linkup #motivateonmonday

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TRUTH!!! ;p...but i am kind of a nerd, so SOME homework i don't mind doing...DEPENDING ON THE SUBJECT!!!!!!!!!!

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tumblr quotes | Tumblr

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My teacher just tweeted this

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Blog post 64/366: Homework Austerity

Procrastinator? No. I save all of my homework until the last minute because then I'll be older, therefore more wise.

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