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Honest strong

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Lessons Learned in Life | It bugs me when people are unnecessarily mean.

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Read this aloud, it will impact you deeper. Tell me, are there people in your life that you need to let go of? Be honest... are there excessive thoughts, overthinking and mental blocks that you've created for yourself? Do you agree that it's time for you to take back control? In 2017, my entire purpose is to help you look within. Every writing, every video and every book will be about YOU! I want you to realize that YOU are the source. Are you with me? -- Let's start off by reading my…

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Damn straight! So far I found that most men just can't handle a women like me! I am too much for them. To honest, straight forward, will call them on their shit, love strong, Faithful, Caring, Kind and most of all LOYAL!

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Too many people hinge their worth on external factors when they really need to look inward and extend value to others.

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And today I realized that I am the biggest hypocrite of them all. I tell everyone to keep holding on, that there is light at the end. That everything gets better as long as you continue to wait. I always tell people to have hope. That they need to keep trying because it is too early to give up, that they have so much to live for. Then there is me, and I am barely holding on.

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You, my child, can choose to be anything you want! I hope you choose to be... kind, honest, sincere, strong, loving, and always true to yourself

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I always confront my friends if I'm hurt. I lose them because I don't play their games usually. I can't even tell you how many past friends I've had that resort to pettyness and backstabbing. Yes folks. The struggle is real. Be a good woman and lift other women up not down. Say nice things to each other and when offended, speak. Don't do drama. Be a good woman.

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