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Become a Beekeeper: 8 Steps to Getting Started with Honeybees

How to Get Started with Honeybees | The Prairie Homestead

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Radical Bee Hive Rakes in $4.8 Million

Flow Frame™: How does it work? A revolutionary way to keep bees and harvest honey. #savethebees

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10 Wonderful and Cheap DIY Idea for Your Garden 3

How To Start A Honey Bee Hive Plans, Beekeeping Tips

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honey bee garden | Honey Bees How I would just die to have such a sweet looking location for my honey making friends! Someday ;)

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The Honey Bee Colony: The hive consists of three castes of bees. Queen• Fertile female responsible for the total population ~ Worker• Sterile female – does the work of the hive ~ Drone• Fertile male – exists to mate with queen

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Beekeeping Harvest: Crushing and straining honey from the comb

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Each year, we find that the honey bees have made a significant contribution to our farm - here are 3 reasons you might want homestead honey bees too.

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The Survivalist’s Guide to Raising Honey Bees

How to Raise Honey Bees | How To Be A Successful Beekeeper, check it out at

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Best Tips For Keeping Honey Bees

When adding bees, first take the time to learn how to start a honey bee farm because it deserves some unique considerations. Just as when adding any animal to the farm, being prepared before the bees come home, will help you be successful.

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How to Start a Honey Bee Farm


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