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Shibuya Honey Toast - It's a delicious and attractive lighter dessert your friends and family will love.

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Nutella & Honey Shibuya Brick Toast

Hey! If you can't think of a way to properly treat yourself today, I might just have an idea or two for you... Ig: nonvidebunt (not much choco there)

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Mini Matcha (Green Tea) Golden Toast

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Classic Shibuya honey toast (buttered on every side.) Plated with two generous scoops of vanilla ice cream and a thick squirt of whipped cream.

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Japanese Honey Toast

Anyone feel like some Japanese Honey Toast with a scoop of your favourite Country Fresh #IceCream?

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Tea Room-style Buttered Honey Toast

Great recipe for Tea Room-style Buttered Honey Toast. I wanted to recreate a tea room recipe. Recipe by NAGANO kurume

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Brick Toast Recipe – Shibuya Honey Toast – Japanese Shokudo

Brick Toast Recipe - Shibuya Honey Toast Recipe - Japanese Shokudo Style - Eugenie Kitchen

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