Protection spells. Nice to know others think about Egg shell the same way as I do. I use it in place of "brick dust" in my protection spells for my home.

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Beginner Wicca - 10 Signs of a Psychic Attack – Sacred Goddess Inc ☾☆ ☽* ° ♥ ˚ℒℴѵℯ cjf

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Manifestation box. I know people that use this TOOL for manifesting and it helps toward achievement.

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thefriendlywitch: Sourced from The Witch’s Master Grimoire. silverwitch:- a Good guideline, but it will really depend on the spell your doing.

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Skeleton keys have long been used as Protective Amulets and charms,due to being made of iron, through out many cultures and folk practices. They are also symbolic of opening doors-to occult knowledge, practices, unlocking mysteries, and removing blockages to your goals in life.

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Kitchen Witch Tip: Bury a raw egg by the entrance to your home to ensure abundance for the forthcoming year and fertility in your garden.

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