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World's Most Expensive Colored Diamonds

Hope Diamond ($250 million). Among the most romanticized jewels in the world, the Hope Diamond is housed at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History and considered the second-most visited piece of art in the world (behind the "Mona Lisa"). Discovered in India in 1812, the 45.52-carat blue-gray stone has had many owners over the years. The diamond is also said to be cursed—including the alleged suicides of several of its owners. Selected by

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Legend of the Hope Diamond

The gorgeous blue Hope Diamond is the center of many dark legends and unfortunate stories. Learn of its owners' bad luck and decide if you believe the curse. | BMJ Blog


The Hope Diamond - formerly one of the crown jewels of France, having at one time adorned King Louis XIVs Order of the Golden Fleece as well as being used in other pieces from time to time. It was looted during the revolution and re-cut.

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Is the Hope Diamond Really Cursed?

Probably the most famous diamond in the world, the Hope Diamond now resides in the Smithsonian, but over the centuries, several people who came in contact with the diamond came to unsavory ends. Many committed suicide, others were torn to pieces by wild dogs or French mobs, and many others died in prison.


The design was placed on public display on November 18th and celebrates the 50th anniversary of the donation of the Hope Diamond by Harry Winston to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC as well as the museum’s 100th anniversary.


Hand that held history - Harry Winston. The 125.35 carat emerald cut Jonker diamond is at the center. Top left is the 94.80 carat pear shaped Star of the East diamond. The 45.52 carat blue Hope diamond rests between his index and middle finger. The 337.10 carat Sapphire of Catherine the Great is next to his thumb, and the 70.21 carat Idol's Eye diamond is just above the Jonker. 46.39 and 44.14 carats Indore Pears, matched pair of pear shaped diamonds and a larger ruby are also shown.